Innovative Technology

The shoemakers at Team Wallin have designed a shoe with a unique biomechanics function, which provides Maximum Pressure Reduction (MPR Technology) to the sole of your foot.
The patent pending MPR biomechanics sole ensures a perfect gait while walking, thereby reducing the pressure from strains on joints and bones.
Wallin ensures a good fit with optimal relief and efficient performance especially in the areas of:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Diabetes
  • Heel Spur
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Hallux Rigid and Hallux Valgus

Proven Clinical Benefits

Without Wallin®

With Wallin®

Load distribution measurement studies on Wallin Shoes show a significant reduction of load and pressure of up to 40% on the plantar (foot sole) and up to 69% on the heel of the foot.
The Wallin MPR technology provides significant joint load reduction
  • Reduced pressure and force on the ankle and foot
  • Natural relief for the neck and back
  • Cushioning to the hip and knee
  • Stability and impact absorption with every step

Outstanding Properties

  • Skin-friendly, Breathable materials
  • Finest Nappa and Nubuck including finest Elk Leather
  • Stretchy and breathable cellular upper material
  • 3D High TechMesh - offers the best climate for the foot
  • No disruptive inseams and optimum volume in the forefoot to foster comfort
  • Specially designed for sensitive feet
  • Removable foot bed - ideal for custom made orthotics
  • Choice of Sole Unit: FLEX and MOVER
  • FLEX is the basic sole unit option, and MOVER is a double construction unit which is slightly heavier and is non slip.

Trusted Know How

Wallin® is an innovative new shoe brand developed by acclaimed Danish orthopaedic shoemakers who have worked with feet and shoes for over 75 years.
Over this period the shoemakers of Wallin® in Copenhagen have worked towards innovative designs incorporating ingenious biomechanical functions.

Download the January 2017 Press Release from Wallin, Denmark:

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