TalaMade Trio 3/4 Orthotic

  • Trio Orthotic

    With heel cup and forefoot cushioning - The heel wedge provides biomechanical control, reducing symptoms of overpronation and supination, whilst cushioning around the big toe area prevents and treats metatarsal pain.

    Surface addition compatible - Using Microgrip technology, TalarMade surface Additions attach securely and immediately to the top microfiber layer of your insole. Easy to remove and reapply, they provide additional and customisable padding for specific forefoot and heel problems including plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma and metatarsal.

    Heel wedge for plantar fasciitis relief - Designed with an integrated 4 degree heel wedge for improved control and balance and treatment of the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. treat multiple conditions

    Developed for the treatment of Achilles tendinitis, flat feet, midfoot arthritis, forefoot, knee or heel pain, and shin splints.

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