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Slimflex Berry



  • Slimflex Berry

    Slimflex Kinetic Foot Orthotics offer superior cushioning and conform to the foot, providing maximum support and comfort, reducing fatigue and preventing injuries.


    Slimflex Kinetic offers a cost-effective orthotic solution to most biomechanical related conditions. On its own, it is ideal for feet that require additional control and stability. With Podotech adaptations, such as posts and met pads, it can provide the clinician with a highly-cost effective customised orthotic.


    Designed by UK podiatrists to meet the requirements of the versatile busy clinician.


    Due to the level of customisation that is achievable with the Slimflex Kinetic, the treatment options with this device are endless.


    Enhanced features of the Kinetic device:

    • Contoured midfoot with Kinetic rearfoot control

    • Forefoot cushioning

    • Flat base

    • Wider heel cup increased support

    • Medial and lateral arch support to control the foot

    • Reinforced rearfoot for increased function and support

    • Micro perforations ensure ventilation

    • EVA base provides cushioning and impact resistance

    • Hard wearing

    • Shock absorption system naturally softens heel shock

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