NatraCure® Compression Knee Sleeve

NatraCure® Compression Knee Sleeve

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  • NatraCure® Compression Knee Sleeve

    • The NatraCure Compression Knee Sleeve is Specifically Designed to Relieve Knee Pain, Swelling & Inflammation, Soreness and Stiffness, Keeping you on Your Feet All Day Long!
    • With its lightweight and breathable design, the NatraCure Compression Knee Sleeve helps to improve circulation and provide support throughout the day.
    • The NatraCure Compression Sleeve aids recovery for runners. Helps alleviate arthritis, tendonitis, jumper's knee making you to feel more confident.
    • Thanks to its silicone anti-slip band it maintains position no matter the situation.
    • Sizing: Medium. Sizing chart image on the left hand side for correct fit.

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