HealixCare ControlTecc Insoles

HealixCare ControlTecc Insoles

Breathable Insoles with Anti Microbial Top Cover. Lightweight Design, Extra Heel Protection, Firm Arch Support, Recommended for Heavy Use, Soft Anti-Odour Top Cover.

BambooTeccTM is an Eco-Friendly fibre that has an anti-odour (antimicrobial/anti-fungal) and high 'wicking' properties for superior comfort.

The ControlTecc is the firmest Arch shell with the most rear (heel support) and mid foot control (arch support) in the Healix Care range. The Special Arch 'peg' design provides control while minimising weight and bulk. Fits into most footwear, including work shoes and boots, trainers, running and athletic shoes (Unisex).
  • ControlTecc Insoles

    Footwear and is ideal for heavy use and sports applications.The Controltecc is our firmest arch shell with the most rear and mid foot control. The special arch peg design provides control while minimising weight and bulk.

    Suitable for: Pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis. Healixcare insoles feature BambooTecc, a natural anti-microbial top cover which is a blend of traditional fibres with natural nano-bamboo particles. The result is an eco-friendly fibre that has anti-odour (anti-microbial/anti-fungal) and high wicking properties. BambooTecc fabrics are low friction and comfortable. Healixcare has created a thin, light, shock and shear absorbing VEVA inner layer with minimal weight and bulk.

    This vented design allows heat and moisture to move away from the foot over a wide area.

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