GelSmart Universal Toe Crest Enriched Gel ease Hammer Claw & Mallet Toes

SKU: GE-3035-M
  • GelSmart Universal Toe Crest Enriched Gel

    M2-Gel Universal Toe Crest


    -Ease discomfort from hammer , claw and mallet toes

    -Flexible toe loop easily fits over toe to stay in place

    -washable, durable and non-allergenic

    -will not bottom out like foams

    -one size fits most feet

    -one supplied

    -Diabetic friendly



    The next generation of highly elastic and soothing, advanced thermoplastic gel polymer.

    M2-Gel is enriched with medical grade mineral oil and vitamins and has been developed to offer superior stretchability and a reduction of shear and abrasive forces.

    Enriched with Vitamin E Shea Butter and Aloe Vera

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