Formthotic Original, Dual Density

Formthotic Original, Dual Density

  • Formthotic Original, Dual Density

    • The Original Dual Medium is an excellent balance between comfort and support. With its softer, cushioning top layer which provides comfort for all day use and a medium hardness base for better control, compliance and comfort.
    • Last longer on your feet - Deep heel cup and teardrop shaped arch support provides shock absorption and increases stability and control.
    • Biomechanical control - Formthotics deliver on the mechanical theory by applying pressure to the sole of the foot, altering the posture and movement of the subtalar and other joints. This changes the posture and mechanical function of higher structures in the body.
    • Ultra fresh technology inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, reducing odour and stains. High grade Formax foam holds it shape for longer and is waterproof, lightweight and hypoallergenic.

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