Foot Angel Compression Sleeve

Foot Angel Compression Sleeve

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Orthopaedic compression support for your foot and ankle - provides relief from foot fatigue and heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis)
Heel Pain is most common first thing in the morning when you take that first step and boom the pain starts - more comfortable than a night splint you can wear this overnight to gain relief
Boosts circulation and help tackle foot swelling (Odema) the Foot Angel is designed for easy on/ easy off use due to its 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex breathable stretch construction
Feel the additional support that the Foot Angel gives you - it delivers all day long relief. It feels like your foot has been taped and supported - this is the magic of compression
Durable and washable this sleeve will be your constant companion during the day and also at night to combat foot fatigue and pain - you won't know how you manged without them
  • Foot Angel

    This sock is the revolutionary compression foot sleeve that helps relieve ankle and foot pain. It provides three levels of compression in seven different zones. Just slip it on and Foot Angel will relieve you from tired, achy feet and swollen ankles. Feel the compression in your feet's ball, arch, plantar fascia, heel and ankle and immediately, you will feel a soothing relief. The targeted compression is just like a therapeutic foot massage that helps support your feet, stimulate circulation and reduce swelling. Lightweight and comfortable, you can wear Foot Angel discretely under any socks. Features: This anti-fatigue foot sleeve with three levels of compression, and the targeted compression is just like a therapeutic foot massage that helps support your feet, stimulate circulation and reduce swelling. Soothes and relieves achy heels and feet Combats symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. Breathable fabric is thin, lightweight and comfortable, and can be worn discreetly under socks all day or alone at night. Keeps feet dry and comfortable. Unisex Nylon/spandex. Machine washable. Perfect for long distance travel, or while you walk/run, golf or work out. Specifications: Size: S/M: Women's Shoe Sizes 6 - 9.5, Men's Shoe Sizes 5.5 - 9.5. L/XL: Women's Shoe Sizes 10 - 13.5, Men's Shoe Sizes 10 - 12.5. Package includes: 2 socks

  • FAQ's and Comments

    From Mr R:

    Compression socks

    I have just purchased a pair of compression socks,do I wear these during sleeping,or during the day,or all the time. Thanks.

    Our reply:

    Hello Mr R , i would wear them when your feet ache ,and this can be different for different people so if your feet ache during the night wear them then . Also if your feet ache during the day look at a corrective insole to lift the foot arch and correct any pronation evident..

    From Mr R:

    Hi thanks for that they seem to be comfortable today.

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