Careopody Metatarsal Sleeve

Careopody Metatarsal Sleeve

  • Careopody Metatarsal Sleeve

    • The careopody Metatarsal Sleeve absorbs those pounding foot shock waves at the source, prevents calluses, and alleviates pain under the ball of foot. The thin design and soft fabric does not create extra bulk and can be worn in everyday footwear.
    • Relieves friction and burning sensation under the metatarsal heads & pain from calluses, Morton neuromas and atrophy of the fat pad.
    • Innovative design with two toe loops keeps sleeve in place. Soft-stretch fabric is comfortable and soft against skin while remaining highly durable.
    • Plus the anatomical design allows for absorption of shock and shear forces to the metatarsal section of the foot. Two toe loops keep the Comfort Gel skin from sliding. Redistributes and eases impact pressure from walking or running.

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