Careopody Compression Sports Sleeve

Careopody Compression Sports Sleeve

  • Careopody Calf Compression Sports Sleeve

    • The Calf Compression Sleeve provides muscle stabilization and reduces muscle vibration & oscillation, reducing muscular fatigue and improving strength and endurance, throughout exercising. They Absorbs impacts, protects from cramps, reduces leg swelling and fatigue, speeds up muscle recovery while providing foot comfort in style.
    • The Calf Compression Sleeves will be your best companion if you participate in leg intensive activities such as marathons, jogging, hiking, running, gym fitness, basketball, volleyball, cycling, weightlifting and more. They are also perfect for extreme races and long runs!
    • The graduated compression aids the flow of oxygen to the muscles which improves performance and reduces fatigue. Each sleeve behaves like a second layer of muscle, gently squeezing stretched vein walls. This built-in feature helps fight the force of gravity and circulates blood back up to the heart more efficiently. Use during exercise for support or boost recovery after.
    • With its advanced knitting technology and High Breathable material, the Calf Compression Sleeve is perfect for all day use!

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