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Careopody All Gel Hammer Toe Corrector & Separator (Pair)

  • Careopody Hammer Toe Correct & Separator

    • The Careopody Hammer Toe Corrector & Straightener cushions & supports bent-under toes. Fixes and separates toes, improves toe deformity. Avoids toes squeezing each other, making good alignment for toes. Relieving pressure and friction on toes or fingers.
    • With its Three Loop Technology, the Careopody All Gel Hammer Toe Corrector & Straightener helps to aligns toes, straighten bent toes. Bunion relief cushion and relieve pressure. Three Loops Keep Spacer in Position. Separates & Aligns Crooked, Overlapping Toes. The Careopody Hammer Toe Separators are comfortable to wear, can be worn while wearing shoes or trainers.
    • The Careopody All Gel Hammer Toe Corrector & Straightener is perfect for Yoga, ballet dancers, yogis and athletes. Outer thigh bone orthotics open toes Toe separator deformity correction Stretches and aligns toes. Treatment for Hammer Toe, Bunion Relief, Foot Pain Relief, Plantar Fasciitis, Hallux Valgus
    • The Careopody All Gel Hammer Toe Corrector & Straightener is great for Bunions, Hammer Toes, Claw Toes & Other Unsightly Foot Problems! One Size Fits Most Item. Toe Stretchers Gel increases space between toes for proper joint alignment and less irritation and friction in shoes.
    • Triple Loop Toe Separators made from stretchable and soft medical grade gel and also easy to clean with soap and water. Washable and reusable