careopody™ Insole Fitting Information

Trim to Fit Instructions

Please note that we cannot except any returned Insoles that have been trimmed so make sure that you read these instructions carefully before getting out your scissors!

Each of our careopody™ Insoles has a size trim line indicated on the underside of the insole.


This normally covers two to three sizes but is a guide only. If you are content that you have the correct size you can go ahead and trim along the line indicated to reduce the insole to a smaller size.


However, it is important that you trim your new careopody™ insole properly so that it lies completely flat and snug inside your chosen footwear, and also that it follows the contours of the shape of the toe box of the shoe or trainer into which you are fitting your new Insole .

So that you get the correct fit and are satisfied with your new careopody™ Insoles we strongly recommend that you follow this tried and tested procedure:


1. Take out the existing factory produced liner or insole (FPI) from your right shoe.


2. Place your right careopody™ Insole with the underside on a tabletop facing up. You will see a letter R next to the size: this means you have the right insole and not the left one!


3. Place the FPI liner on top of your new careopody™ Insole making sure that the FPI liner and the bottom edge (heel edge) of your new careopody™ Insole is exactly aligned and centered.


4. Now line up the forefoot of the FPI liner with the inside edge of your new careopody™  Insole making sure it is correctly centered.


5. Compare the two. If the FPI liner matches the shape of the insole around the top edge then just place the new careopody™ Insole into your right shoe with your fingers underneath the new careopody™ Insole so that is does not curl up when being inserted into your shoe. Push down onto the heel of the new careopody™ Insole to fit it firmly into place.


6. If the FPI liner overlaps the new careopody™ Insole then you need a larger sized insole and contact us to arrange a larger size.


7. If neither of these is the case then carefully trace around the toe edge of the FPI liner with a pen marking its shape onto your new careopody™ Insole.


8. This guideline will indicate exactly the shape of the toe edge your new careopody™ Insole needs to be trimmed to in order to fit correctly.


9. Take the FPI liner off your new careopody™ Insole.

10. Now carefully trim along the guideline you have drawn with a pair of sharp scissors – keeping to the waste side of the line just in case.  

11. Go ahead and fit the new careopody™ Insole into your right shoe - you are now halfway there! 


12. Check that your new careopody™ Insole can move a little in the shoe. If it can’t then it’s too long and will need to be trimmed a little further.  


13.It is important that your new careopody™ Insole has no creases or bumps when fitted into the shoe and having a little room to move will ensure that this does not occur.  


14. Repeat the process for your left shoe and you are ready to go!




To clean: Wash in warm soapy water. Air Dry.

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