High Heel Mate® with Insolia®

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Insolia® is a patented weight shifting solution that actively shifts your body weight and distributes it more evenly, giving you additional comfort and helping relieve the pain commonly associated with wearing high heels, let Charlotte explain...
-  Improves body alignment and results in a higher degree of ankle stability
-  Reduces pressure on the ball of the foot
-  Allows most women to wear their high heels three times longer than without high       heel mate®
-  Restores balance and allows women in heels to return to their natural heel-toe stride
-  Eliminates the foot pain associated with wearing heels
Any heel one inch or higher, whether they are enclosed or sandal heels. The gel is contoured and clear so that they are discrete and slim line. You can put them in any of your favourite heels like sling backs, sandals, pumps and boots.
In this short video Charlotte shows you how to fit high heel mate® into your shoes in minutes! The key to comfort is in your hands - love your heels again and wear them up to three times longer without discomfort!

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